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About Us 2011-10-23

For more than 400 years between the 15 th and 19th centuries the Sephardic Jews (Jews from Spain & Portugal) were persecuted for their religion, murdered, expelled or forcefully converted to Catholicism.   Many of them continued to practice their Jewish faith secretly and become what is known today as Anusim, crypto-Jews, secret Jews, new Christians, Conversos or Marranos.


In search of a safe haven the persecuted Jews who escaped the Inquisition found themselves, besides North Africa and Europe, in Latin America, North America and many other locations.


Today, descendants of these crypto-Jews constitute significant numbers in Spain, Portugal, Latin America, Brazil and the US Southwest. Some of them have little or no knowledge of their Jewish heritage.


We endeavor to inform the Anusim about their Jewish roots and to provide them with an array of tools to facilitate their personal journey of discovery and learning about their heritage.


To implement this non-profit project, a group of academics and professionals from various spheres have assembled in Israel to offer the best online content, media and system integration tools.   Working in conjunction with other international organizations active in this field we strive to inform, educate, facilitate and assist the descendants of these Sephardic Jews as they embrace their heritage.